Three Unconventional Marriages involving age and power plays plus lots of hot, hot, hot love and discipline. 

In Pleasing Him, destitute Lady Jocelyn is saved by the commanding Lord Summerlain, who makes her his ward and then his wife. Her prayers have been answered – but at what cost?

In An Unacceptable Arrangement, Cassandra is given away by her father to his business partner, a man she does not know. Can she forgive her parents and learn to love her new husband?

In Pleasing Her, Peter Wessex’s heart is held in thrall by his commanding wife’s riding crop and black leather booties. Can she make a man of him in time to take his place as the Duke of Ashton?

Publisher’s Note: These three books, originally published separately, contain elements of stringent discipline, as well as explicit scenes and power exchange. If such naughtiness offends, please do not purchase.