Avery knew life as an undercover DEA agent was dangerous, but she never imagined that in less than a day her entire world would fall apart. Her cover was blown and the man who exposed her set her up to be taken by her enemies, framed her for taking bribes and killing her partner. Only the intervention of a mysterious group of men saved her from a fate worse than death. Now she is on the run from the very law she used to uphold and her only hope of clearing her name is to find the men who saved her life.

Max knows there is nothing he can do to make up for the sins he committed in Black Ops while undercover. As the Dark Sons Road Captain his job is to make sure everyone comes home every time. When he helps his Brothers free women from a human trafficker he makes it his mission to make sure every one of them finds their way home. All except the one who disappeared.

When Avery finds her mysterious savior, she finds the two of them have a primal connection that can’t be denied. Max vows to help her in whatever way she needs. When her enemy turns out to be someone from his past will she choose getting her vengeance over their growing love?

This is book four in the Dark Sons Motorcycle Club series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This dark contemporary romance has elements of danger, mystery, suspense, adult themes, possible triggers for some readers, adult content, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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He was going to come after her. Avery couldn’t make the chase easy on him. At the same time, she needed him to capture her. Her arousal rose quickly, joining her anger in an intoxicating mix. The sound of footsteps as they crunched over leaves echoed behind her through the woods, sending her pulse racing impossibly faster. A large tree loomed in front of her, and she dashed behind it.

A small clearing was on the other side. Here was the perfect place to make her stand. She turned, expecting to have to wait a few moments, but he was only thirty feet behind her.

Max was a vision of tightly restrained aggression. His short hair a wild mess from the chase. Avery tried to speak, but all that came out was a growl. It didn’t matter. Words were insignificant. She let go of civilized thoughts and gave in to her instincts.

No more worrying about the past and future. With him she was able to exist only in the now. Max was powerful enough to take what she desired to give. His tight, chorded muscles were beautifully outlined by the race shirt he wore as he leaned forward.

His return snarl was deep and vibrated in the air. This was what she needed. Words wouldn’t come to her, but she needed to tell him what she wanted. Actions would have to do. She pulled off her top and threw it roughly to the side. He echoed her actions, tossing his black motocross shirt to the ground. This was still too slow. Avery snarled in frustration as she wiggled out of the rest of her clothes. Her skin against his was the only thing that would satisfy her.

She watched as he tore off the rest of his clothes. Desire built as she took in the nail marks that crisscrossed Max’s skin from their last encounter. Until those healed, no one could look at his chest and not know he was hers. Their fast breaths were the only sound in the still woods. Then he moved.

She clutched at his shoulders as he lifted her up off the ground. His mouth claimed hers, as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Pinpricks of pain skittered across her scalp as his hand fisted her hair, not letting her move. He claimed her with his tongue, brutal and raw. Sparks of desire lit up her body. Unable to do anything but hold on as they each tried to devour the other.

Avery’s core dripped with excitement as she rubbed against his length shamelessly. Empty, she needed to be filled, but couldn’t get the right angle to take him inside her. She growled with frustration and need, but words were beyond her.

His grip tightened as pulled her against him and strode the few steps to where his clothes lay on the forest floor. Why was he able to think? She bit at his lip as he laid her down on his clothes, the fabric a slight barrier against the hard ground. Finally he would ease the ache that had turned into a dull pain.

“Mine.” His words rumbled against her lips.

He tore his mouth away from hers and nipped his way down her body. She shook with each tiny bite. Thrashing against his hold was useless as he kept her hips pinned with a powerful grip. When his mouth reached her core, lightning exploded behind her eyes as he nipped her clit. The scream that she had held back echoed off the trees as an orgasm wracked her body.

His mouth danced across every nerve in her pussy and forced her pleasure higher as he fucked her with tongue and fingers, not letting the orgasm fade but somehow building it higher. A second orgasm crashed over the first and her body gushed its release.

She clawed at the ground, needing to grip something as her body shattered in ecstasy. As the wave started to slow, she felt his body slide up hers and she opened her eyes to meet his gaze. Before she could relax, her hips rocked and finally, she was filled. Their kiss was electric as he thrust with sharp strokes of his cock. She moaned at the earthy taste of herself on his tongue as he thrust deep inside her, reaching depths only he had ever found.