Kennedy wants Cedric as a Dom… Cedric wants Kennedy as a sub… Sounds simple, right?

Kennedy Tyson’s life isn’t going according to plan. As she nears her fortieth birthday, she’s still working two jobs to make enough money to pay her bills while she works on her novel. When she meets her idol, Grace Shelley, she’s thrilled to get an autograph. But she gets much more when she and Grace strike up a friendship.

Superstar Cedric Dawson never fails to attract the ladies. He just hasn’t found the right one yet. When his friends Grace and Toffer introduce him to Kennedy he’s intrigued, especially when it’s obvious she’s a sub. But when he approaches her she turns him down. She’d love to have a Dom, yes, but she doesn’t want to submit to someone who goes through women like water.

Dom Cedric takes her words as a challenge and he sets out to work his way into Kennedy’s heart. And what better way for an actor to work his magic than by dressing up as a famous lover? Cedric is determined to have Kennedy as his sub. All it takes is a few Halloween costumes, and lots of role-playing.

Publisher’s Note: This adult romance contains elements of adult themes, sensual scenes, HEA, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“You’ve been trained,” Cedric said. “I’m not stepping on another Dom’s toes, am I?”

“No, Sir.”

“So, you were twenty-six the first time you submitted to a Dom, or was it a Domme?”

“A Dom, Master Cedric.”

He settled back into the cushions, his gaze trained on her face. “Tell me about it.”

“Don’t you want to… play?” Her body surged with need. She didn’t want to talk; she wanted to submit. Now.

The imperious look he gave her only served to heighten the desire she felt. It also made her fear for her ability to sit down in the coming week. “I’m sorry to question you, Master Cedric.”

“As well you should be.” The look changed to one of expectation and she cleared her throat.

“He was the older brother of a friend of mine. He was thirty-two.”


“We were skiing in Tahoe, at Jack’s parents’ cabin. There were about nine of us, and we’d had a long day on the slopes and had just eaten dinner. We were in the kitchen, cleaning up, and Jack popped a towel against my ass. I jumped and let out the requisite ‘don’t do that’. Later that night he woke me up, around two in the morning. Told me to put my shoes on and come with him.”

“Forward, wasn’t he?”

“Well, I’d known him since I was about fifteen.” Kennedy’s eyes clouded in memory of Jack, his strong, capable hands and dominant nature.

“What happened next?”

“Jack took me to the small cabin on the property that his parents called their ‘guest house’. It was empty because the other cabin was so big.”

“Sounds intriguing. And you submitted to him?”

“Yes. He wanted to know if I knew about D/s. I told him it had been covered in a psychology class I took in college. He told me he was a Dom, and he was certain I was a sub. To prove it, he told me to strip. And I did.”

“You’ve never questioned your submissive tendencies?”

“No, just denied them to others, like earlier tonight.”

He stretched out his arms across the back of the couch. “Then what happened?”

“Master Cedric, please.” This wasn’t going as she’d planned. The idea had been to submit to him, physically, have an orgasm or two, and be done with it. Drive-by submission so to speak. Why wasn’t he getting on with it? She hazarded a glance at his crotch. He was hard, his cock straining against the fly of his pants. He wanted sex as much as she did.

“Does it make you uncomfortable to talk about it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

His eyebrows furrowed in bewilderment. “Why?”

“Because I hardly know you.” Even as the words came out of her mouth, she knew it didn’t make sense, and she knew he would point it out to her.

“And yet you’re kneeling in front of me, ready for me to give you an orgasm, ready to take pain and pleasure at my hands. But you don’t want to talk about your first taste of submission.”

Kennedy gave a nervous laugh. “I suppose that says something about me.”

“Oh yes, it does. You’re much more comfortable with the physical aspects of submission than the mental, and that’s a very good thing to know.”

She looked directly into his eyes. “You plan on messing with my mind?”

“Could be fun, for both of us.”

She slumped just a little bit, sitting up straighter when he cleared his throat. “I’d rather you played with my body, Master Cedric. Unless I’m not thi–”

“Don’t even try to top me from below, or talk to me about body image. Who’s in charge?”

“You are, Sir.”

“That’s right. You will answer my questions, not pose ones of your own, or try to introduce a new subject. Not another word on that subject. You’re here because I want you here. If I hadn’t found you pleasing, I wouldn’t have offered to top you. Your body is very appealing to me, and we will play. After you tell me the rest of the story. What happened next?”

“He spanked me.”

“He went straight to the point. Did you like it?”

Heat spread through her cheeks and Kennedy swallowed hard. She felt very exposed, as if she were lying on a table, wide open for him to see every inch of her.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Now I want to hear you say it. So answer my question.”

“Yes, Master Cedric.”

“Did he use his hand or a belt? Or something else he found in the cabin? Describe it to me. Don’t leave out any detail.”

This was not what she’d expected. Maybe because Jack, and the only other Dom she’d submitted to, Brad, had both jumped in feet first. She’d thought Cedric would do the same, play with her a bit and get them both off.

“He made me bend over the couch, and then he spanked me with his hand. He told me I was a bad girl, and it was obvious to him I needed discipline in my life. He was going to give it to me. He spanked me hard, and when I tried to get up, he spanked me harder, putting his hand on my back to keep me in place. When he was done, and my ass felt like it was on fire, he made me come. And then I stayed, bent over, while he jacked off. I wasn’t allowed to turn and watch. After that, he made me get dressed and go to bed.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “Tell me how you felt afterward, while you were trying to go to sleep that night, and then the next day, while you and your friends were skiing.”

“Sore. And a little confused. A person’s not supposed to enjoy being spanked.”

“Did it frighten you?”

She was starting to calm down, partly from the relaxed way he asked questions, easing her nervousness. She could tell he was genuinely interested in her answers. He wanted to get to know her. She didn’t think of him as Cedric Davenport, the actor, now. She thought of him as Master Cedric, the man who would bring her pleasure tonight, whom she would pleasure in whatever way he chose.

“Yes, it frightened me. Especially since I wanted more.”

“How long was he your Dom?”

“Seven years.”

His smile tied her stomach in knots. “Stand up.” When she was on her feet, he narrowed his eyes in contemplation, and she wondered what thoughts ran through his mind. “I’d love to hear more about how you tumbled into submission with your friend; however, what I really want is to see you naked. Follow my directions to the letter. You are a slave girl on the auction block, and I am examining you for possible purchase. Take off your blouse.”

Oh my Lord, yes. At that moment, Kennedy was grateful her one indulgence to herself a few months back had been a satin bra and panty set on sale at a small boutique in Bakersfield – and that she was wearing it right now. She took off her shirt, giving it to him when he put out his hand.