Three fun-loving, disciplinary tales of love and magic from Carol Storm, the queen of light-hearted romance with a twist! What’s a god without followers? After brooding in the jungle for a thousand years, the Mayan stone idol Itzapoca is in the mood for some mischief. So, when three sexy backpackers fall asleep in his hidden refuge, each gets more than she bargained for! 

In “To Serve a Chief,” the always-in-charge Alexandra must submit to savage warrior Midnight Thunder while completing a mission of mercy as a highly-liberated starship captain. Set deep in the jungle, this futuristic tale features suspense, danger, power exchange and humor! 

In “To Tame a Thief,” bad-girl Brandy meets her match in the arms of C.C. Ryder, a tough Marine who believes in punishing crime with a trip over his knee! Will the determined millionaire lose his heart to the sexy jewel thief, or will Brandy lose her freedom and find love instead? 

In “The Golden Leaf,” gentle Clarissa is a captive princess in the days of the Roman Empire, sworn to resist the rule of stern, commanding Marcus Crassus at any price. But his kisses awaken her womanly desires, even as his firm discipline makes her long to submit to the might of Rome. Can Clarissa save her people without losing her heart? 

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of strict discipline, power exchange, explicit scenes and adult language. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.