It seems as if Blushing Books Website is BACK UP!! We do have to go an do some updates on books that have been published since it has been down, but crossing our fingers and toes that all is ok!!


Update on Bethany – She is still out of town with her mom. Things have not improved and right now it is just a matter of time until her mom passes. Nothing can be done except spend these last few moments with her mom and family. Thank you for your support during this trying time. She greatly appreciates it! She is trying to get some work done but with limited internet and cell phone service and taking care of family issues, it is not a whole lot. I have assured her she is doing the right thing by being with her mom and work can wait! She passes on her thanks for your understanding and support! ~ Allison Tee

While I was posting this we had a new update, Bethany’s mother has just passed. Please keep her family in your thoughts. If you would like to send a card you can message Allison for the address.


In the meantime, Blushing Books isn’t sitting around with all this down time. We are still holding the top 4 spots in Amazon’s Westerns! Way to go Vanessa Vale and Carolyn Faulkner!