Veronica is a simple lady’s companion who accepts her lot in life to sit on the sidelines and watch others have fun escapades and adventures. After all, she’s stuck—she has no dowry. It’s very unlikely she’d ever marry. But deep inside Veronica is the overwhelming desire to be disciplined… enough so that she writes sordid tales about punishment in her diary, which one day falls into the hands of the very duke that one of her stories is about!

Tired of demanding mistresses who don’t appreciate his interests in spanking and discipline, the Duke immediately singles Veronica out as a perfect solution to his problem—he’d marry this woman and get everything he wanted—marriage to a beautiful woman and one who would like receiving punishment as much as he liked dealing it. 

But there is a very fine line between punishments and playful spankings in the bedchamber, and Veronica finds it difficult to get one but not the other as well. Will his attentions prove to be too much? Or will she yearn for his hand no matter how firmly he applies it to her bottom?

Publishers Note: Veronica is a Backlist Hottie and has previously been published. It also contains elements of power exchange.

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She looked up at him, her eyes wet. “You didn’t sign up for any of this terrible mess. I’m so sorry.”

She made it a question, roughly unanswered. His eyes burned into her, and he lightly kissed her sweet, pouty lips.

“I’m not going anywhere, Sophie.”

His voice sounded husky and full of promise. Well, he’d just proclaimed it to her, his intention to keep her. Her eyes sparkled with desire, with trust, with hope. But instead of responding, she lowered her head back down to his chest, inhaling like she wanted to ingest his scent, as well. Her fingers smoothed over his pectorals, traced his nipples through his shirt. He set out a low groan and shifted into her, letting her know how her touch made him want her.