Vince and Sheila by Rachel Heath

As an adult, Vince is surprised to run into high school “bad girl” Sheila. He is even more surprised to find tender feelings for her — feelings tempered with the observation that she would benefit from some spanking good discipline!
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Fierce alien warriors don’t ask. They take, they claim, and they conquer – even when the object of their desires is a trembling human female.
Human Surrender contains five *all-new* dark sci-fi alien warrior romance novellas, brought to you by USA Today and international bestselling authors of BDSM and spanking romance.
Featured authors:
  • Renee Rose
  • Alta Hensley
  • Sue Lyndon
  • Aubrey Cara
  • Kallista Dane
Publisher’s Note: The books included in this naughty collection are MF and MFM pairings. Though the stories are dark, all have happy endings. **Over 175,000 words of dark romance ~ complete stories with no cliffhangers**
Featured Stories:
Taking Their Human by Aubrey Cara: 
Upon waking in a dimly lit white room, my biggest fear was that I had been kidnapped by a serial killer. I learned there are things out here in the universe much worse than anything on Earth. And, even if you escape, you can never go home.
They’re not kind, these being who stole me and want to use me as chattel. The others – part man, part machine – have claimed me for their own, but I’m far from saved.
After a lifetime of being ripped apart and put back together, being forced to serve and guard a race who stole us and remade us, she is our mercy. And we shall be her salvation. We will do anything to protect her from the Zapex. Even if it means war.
Pallid Slave by Alta Hensley: 
My planet of Unin had all but been destroyed, and what was left was quickly being devastated by civil wars throughout. Everything I once believed, once knew, once fought ruthlessly to protect, had now vanished. Once I was a fierce warrior, and now simply a slave being transported by two brothers to a planet 720 hours away to mutate and die.
A lot can happen in 720 hours…
His Human Slave by Renee Rose: 
Collared and caged, his human slave awaits her training. Zander, the alien warrior prince intent on recovering his planet, needs a mate. While he would never choose a human of his own accord, his physician’s gene-matching program selected Lamira’s DNA as the best possible match with his own. Now he must teach the beautiful slave to yield to his will, submit to his discipline, and learn to serve him as her one true master.
Their Captive Mate by Kallista Dane: 
Left stranded on the hostile world of Cephaia, Commander Cass Randall finds herself face to face with alien twins Ryn and Rom. Seeking revenge on humans for the death of their Mate, the warriors take out their rage and pain on Cass. But they discover the desire they feel for their captive is far more powerful than their anger.
Kenan’s Mate by Sue Lyndon: 
On my eighteenth birthday, the Kleaxians attacked and killed all the human males aboard the Stargazer. The females were kept as mates or slaves. I was taken as a mate. Lucky me.
The huge alien who claimed me is called Prince Kenan. He says he’ll never let me go – that we are bonded for life. When I defy him, he punishes me in the most humiliating ways imaginable. But sometimes he’s tender and loving. I try to be good so he doesn’t hurt me.
I don’t know what scares me more – that I’ll never escape Prince Kenan…or that I’m starting to fall for my captor.
The first chapter is available for  FREE
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