Alison Roberts is the general manager of the Broadstone Hotel, the hotel her family owns and the business she runs for her father. At least for a little while longer, anyway. The hotel is up for sale, a move initiated by her father, and one she does not support. Matt Warrington, the prospective buyer, is in town for the first time, meeting with Alison and her father to finalize the deal.

Matt Warrington already owns twelve independent luxury hotels – the Broadstone will make it thirteen. As far as he knows, the sale is a done deal. All he has to do is sign the paperwork, shake Bill Roberts’s hand, and the Broadstone is his. However, he hasn’t met Alison Roberts yet. He doesn’t know that she has a plan, a plan that includes her staying on as general manager once the sale is complete. A plan that would have Warrington not only owning the Broadstone, but Alison, as well.

Alison quickly comes to understand that being owned by Warrington is more than just a figure of speech, it’s a way of life. By chance circumstance, she discovers that he likes being the one in control in his relationships. Excited, scared and intrigued, Alison begins to explore his world of power and control, and her submissive side – with Warrington.  In the process, she begins to realize that life, and love, have so much more to offer, particularly once she has accepted Warrington’s Way.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains adult themes, including elements of power exchange.


Character Interview


The following is an excerpt of a conversation between Matt Warrington, businessman, entrepreneur and hotel owner, and our very own Rita Hassby. You can read the full interview in next month’s ‘Dom Life’. Rita caught up with Matt in the lobby of his newest hotel, the Broadstone.




Rita: Matt, you just bought the Broadstone Hotel, the thirteenth in your Hotel Collection and one of this city’s most iconic buildings. Tell us about your most recent acquisition and how the deal came about.


Warrington: Quite honestly, it was probably one of the toughest deals I’ve ever closed. Usually I don’t get involved in the negotiation process. I have an acquisition team for that, scouting out new locations for me. I leave the rest to the lawyers. This one was different, I had to close this deal myself.


Rita: Why was this deal any different?


Warrington: Bill Roberts, and his daughter Alison. Well actually, it was Alison. She’s a tough negotiator, made me work for this one. I almost walked away from the deal. I actually did, but then came back to it at the last minute. She drew me back. Before I met Alison, the Broadstone was just another hotel deal, but she made it personal. She include herself in the deal. I took it as a personal challenge. One that I couldn’t walk away from.


Rita: So you’re rich, handsome, and if I do say so, charming. What do you want me to tell the women out there, the ones who are going to contact me after they read this interview? We know what you look for in a hotel, but what do you look for in a woman?


Warrington: I like strong women, women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it, not afraid to ask for it. But I also caution them to be careful what they ask for, they may just get it.


Rita: And if they get you, what do they get?


Warrington: Someone as strong as they are, someone who knows what he wants and is willing to take it. Someone who will push their boundaries and take them places they’ve never been before, not physically but emotionally, romantically…sexually. Once there, there’s no going back. But it’s been my experience that they don’t want to go back. If you’re with me, you’re with me, and I’m with you…all-in, mind, body and soul.


Rita: Sounds like you ask a lot of your women.


Warrington: I only ask of them what they are willing to give; I give as much and more in return.


Rita: Are we talking domestic discipline here? Some spanking perhaps? You are a Dom after all.


Warrington: I’m not one to talk about my personal life in that way, but you have the right idea.


Rita: Before we go Matt, one last, very important question. Boxer of briefs?


Warrington: Neither, they just get in the way.




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