Reviewer: SH
02/08/2015 01:22am
I loved the first one and I loved this one as well. We got to visit with characters from Book 1 and follow their new journey. Lots of twists and turns, bumps in the road, danger, betrayal and suspense and quite a bit of spice! I hope there will be another!
Reviewer: Marybeth
02/18/2015 11:49pm
This is a great continuation of Nuke and Jasmine’s story. They are happy and trying to build a life together. Then, Nuke’s brother shows up. I agree with the other reviewers. This guy is up to something! Let me warn you, this is a dark book. I really don’t think that it is BDSM as much as it is just rough sex. I don’t get the D/s vibe. I don’t care for the way women are treated in this word, but they seem to accept it. Who am I to judge? If you liked the last book, you are going to like this one! I give this 4 stars.



Blue Eyes-JAWhen Nuke’s brother shows up at the Hells Vipers Motorcycle Club, he brings trouble with him, in more ways than one. Holden was always the good son, or so Nuke’s family thought, but Nuke knows some things his mother and sister don’t. The love of Nuke’s life, Jasmine, knows something is wrong as soon as Holden comes back into Nuke’s life. As Nuke struggles with the responsibilities that have come with his new position in the Hells Vipers, Holden’s presence threatens to undermine his position and his relationship.

Life’s gotten difficult for other members of the club, too. Hells Vipers full patch member Kevin has given up his position in the club in the aftermath of a betrayal that has left him bitter, and Pipe looks for love as he copes with a dangerous crush.

Meanwhile, just what is Holden up to? And can Nuke and Jasmine survive what’s in store when Nuke’s blood relative comes into their lives as they’re trying to form a family of their own?

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 “I don’t know how that man is still breathing,” Medic informed Nuke as all of them walked toward the main building. “The bullet passed right through him, missing all of his vital organs. The dogs sure as hell should have ripped him to shreds but they didn’t. I think we might need to look into getting new guard dogs; they’re acting odd. It’s almost like they were drugged with something. Anyway, there’s a lot of blood over at the fence on the east side of the compound,” Medic said as he pointed. “He made it to the boneyard before he passed out and that’s where we found him.”


Renee Rose Patty Devlin
Kathryn R. Blake Sue Lyndon
Patricia Green Kallista Dane
Maggie Ryan Rayanna Jamison
Abbie Adams Stevie MacFarlane
Bella Bryce Jordan Abbott
Keriann McKenna Ravyn Rayne
Blushing Books Ruth Silver