I had to opportunity to chat with Elsa Black this morning as she reflected on the success of her new release, Becoming Lil’ Mandy. What started as just a- “Way to go!” on her recent release became an informative interview. Of course, I just had to share it with you.

So, Elsa, Can you tell us how many books you have written total?

I’ve written loads under other pen names, being a longtime author with Blushing Books. This is my first as Elsa Black. I believe that readers come to expect certain things from when they see a name on a book cover. One of my most prominent other pen names is associated with softer, romantic spanking stories and I think Becoming Li’l Mandy would have disappointed them, or even offended them. But being a erotica author is a bit like being a character in a book – you can be reinvented at will. And that’s rather fun.




Will you tell us about your latest release?

Becoming Lil’ Mandy is age play, which is new for me. That’s one reason I’m kind of reeling from its success. It hit the Top 1000 just a few days after release, to my utter delight and surprise.

It tells the story of Amanda Wingate, a young woman who finds herself serving a twenty-year prison sentence after being set up by a man she trusted, a man who happened to be her dominant.
She’s got a lot of emotional baggage, both from the betrayal and her loveless childhood. Life is not going well for our girl behind bars.
Then she gets visit from a mysterious woman who offers her a chance to enter a reform program aimed at non-violent offenders. Amanda is suspicious, but accepts the offer since she’s promised if she is successful her record will be expunged. What she doesn’t know is that the program is a front for an organization of wealthy donors who glean the prison system for men and women suitable for age regression and sexual training.
Wealthy Ethan Sharp has personally selected Amanda from a catalog. What follows is a bit of everything – sex, spankings, enemas, anal play, ménage, medical play…and with some interesting peripheral characters that readers seem to like.


Are you working on anything right now?
I’m working on a couple of things, actually. One is an Edwardian romp that I’m rather excited about. The other is a sequel to Lil’ Mandy. I’m hoping that success will follow success. A series seems like a good idea.



How much of your stories come from real experiences?

Age play wise? Zero. I mean, I think down deep the core fantasy is appealing. Who wouldn’t want to have some rich handsome man swoop us up, house us in sumptuous surroundings, take the guesswork out of our schedules, use us as his sexual plaything and then fall hopelessly in love with us?
But for me, personally, I’d tire of that if it went beyond the short term. I have my kinky side, but no interest in that level of submission. It’s fun, escapist fantasy, though, and I like writing it for the people who love to read it. The best thing about being a writer? The fans.



Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Making the scenarios believable. Spanking and D/s erotica only works for a smart girl if she doesn’t overthink it. There really is no sound reason for one adult to spank another. Being spanked as an adult doesn’t make you a better person, or shouldn’t. But we’re talking about fantasy here, and I try to make the situations plausible. That usually involves the woman finding herself in a setting where she has to submit or something worse will happen, and then when she does submit, she finds that it’s hot and sexy and what she always wanted and needed. So it’s a bit of a romp.
I don’t care for books where a man spanks a woman for burning dinner. Who wants to be married to that idiot?



Who designs your covers?
They are designed by the artists at Blushing Books. I’ve never had a complaint. Blushing has brilliant covers.



What do you like to read?
I’m not an erotica reader in general. Is that heresy to say? I have a few authors that are my favorite, but in my spare time – when I get it – I read contemporary writers like Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and Sarah Waters. I love the classics; Jane Austen is my sentimental favorite. And poetry….oh, I do love good poetry. I recently finished a book of poems by Nobel Prize winning Polish poet Wistawa Szymborska that made my heart sing. For non-fiction I enjoy anything science related. I’m a huge fan of Richard Dawkins, and recently read his autobiography, An Appetite for Wonder. I have a brain crush on that guy.



Are there any authors that have caught your eye?

My favorite Blushing authors are Vanessa Vale and Zoe Blake. Both are extremely graphic and take a no-holds barred approach to explicit detail. And they are excellent writers, and have inspired me to branch out and be a bit less prudish. I have them to thank for the success of Mandy.


Do you have any advice for new writer’s trying their hand at erotica?
Get naughty. Get really naughty. I see this both as a writer and an editor – some people want to be erotica writers but then they chicken out. If he’s touching her, don’t be afraid to say he’s got his finger in her pussy, or to describe how wet she is or how his cock tastes. If she orgasms during a spanking, describe how lost she is to the sensation, how she feels. If he sticks something up her ass, tell us why it’s making her whimper and moan. It’s what the readers are there for. It’s taken me way too long as an erotica writer to figure that out.


 Becoming Lil’ Mandy

thumb_3236_Becoming_Lil_Mandy_150x225“My desire to dominate isn’t unlike your desire to submit. But my desire to dominate is stronger than what most partners are willing to allow. I’m one of those rare men who want to not just correct and train, but to coddle, guide and control. I require a deep submission – the ultimate submission. I desire a woman who can fall back into that purest trusting state, that age of perfect innocence when her Papa was her whole wide world. I want a woman whose dependence is total – from the time I wake her up to the time I put her to bed. That level of care? That, sweet Mandy, is my calling. And for all my wealth – and it is substantial – I will not feel truly rich until I find the woman strong enough to put herself in my care.”

Amanda Wingate is the failed product of what should have been a charmed life. Adopted into a family of wealth where she wasn’t truly wanted, her desire for paternal acceptance made her prey to a dominant man whose betrayal landed her in prison.

When she is selected for a program designed to reform non-violent prisoners, she has no idea that the backers are actually a group of powerful men who select women for clients looking for Little Ones to train and claim as their own.

Ethan Sharp has everything – looks, wealth and a successful business. What he lacks is the connection he has given up finding among women in his social circle. When he is directed to the Eden Institute, he believes he has found the answer.

But will his pairing with the emotionally vulnerable Amanda Wingate be successful? Ethan is eager to earn her ultimate submission. And with the help of a stern nanny, he begins the loving and sensual task of transforming Amanda into Mandy through equal measures of spankings and sexual submission, which includes making her submit parts of herself she never thought possible. Can her journey into deep submission heal Amanda’s heart and give her the security that’s eluded her all her life?

“Becoming Lil’ Mandy” is a story told against the backdrop of the Eden Institute, which features interplay with other couples in a lifestyle that’s become a source of literary fascination for thousands of readers who enjoy tales of intense submission.

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