Ruth has jumped into the Blushing pool feet first. Who is she? Where did she come from? Your answers are all contained in this very interview. You want the details and we’re on the job, happy to ferret out even the smallest scraps. 

Now, Ruth, can you tell us how many books you have written total?

I write under two different names: Ravyn Rayne and Ruth Silver.

 This year, Ravyn has written 6 romantic erotica novels. They are all due for release in 2015 from Blushing Books.

 I’ve also written 7 young adult titles under the name Ruth Silver.

 So in total that’s 13 books!


Will you tell us about your latest release?


Burning Desire (Federal Agent Chronicles #1) is a romantic erotica novel that focuses on both relationships and investigations with the Violent Crimes and Major Thefts task force. 

 Fans of romance, thrillers, and crime dramas will find Federal Agent Chronicles most appealing.

 It will be released May 5th, so watch for it!




Are you working on anything right now?


Yes, I’m currently writing a Dystopian Romantic Erotica, the second book in the Emerald Virgin series. It’s currently untitled and about half finished.



What inspired you to write your first book?


I’ve written stories for over a decade, but the push from story to novel and writer to author, was the fact that after a dozen plus doctors and no diagnosis, I went to the Mayo Clinic. Dealing with that kind of stress in your twenties, not knowing what’s physically wrong with you when your heart skyrockets to 120+ when you stand up, you’re constantly nauseous, you have a hand tremor, you’re skin is flushed, you can’t tolerate heat, the fatigue is overwhelming, and even with twelve hours of sleep and a two hour nap during the day, you’re still tired. The one thing I could do was write, something I’d done for years as a hobby. It gave me control. At the time I knew that if there was an inkling of a chance that what I had was genetic (and turns out it is), then I wouldn’t have children. Which led me to writing the novel Aberrant, which is about choices and this one girl, Olivia Parker, that doesn’t seem to have a choice in anything, no matter how hard she tries to grasp at what she wants.

The good news is that after Mayo Clinic, I eventually found an autonomic specialist (neurologist) in Chicago that was able to give me a more detailed diagnosis of Autonomic Dysfunction (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) as a result of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Think that’s a mouthful? Add Mast Cell Activation Disorder to it! With the right combination of medicine (one even comes from Canada while we await FDA approval in our country), I am able to manage the symptoms while still continuing to write full-time.