Books were her first love – full of shifters and romance, fantasy and unfulfilled dreams. Can Hunter and Gage live up to her expectations?

Erin is a loner not out of choice, but due to tragedy. When she is approached by a writer living in the wilds of Alaska offering her the chance of a lifetime, she jumps on board. She has a good feeling about the move, but the Pandora’s box she is about to open could end her life.

Gage and Joshua are business partners in the community of Wolf Pass, Alaska, and they’ve learned to keep their personal lives secret from the human world because they would not be understood outside of the Native Alaskan community. They are shifters of the werewolf variety. Hunter is the local Alpha, and Gage, his Beta.

When Erin’s boss dies a gruesome death, Alpha Hunter and Daddy Gage introduce their own brand of taking care of business when the police fail to handle the investigation. It is soon discovered that Erin is at the center of the chaos – whether or not she wants to be – and her life is in grave danger from several simultaneous sources.

Can Hunter and Gage earn Erin’s trust quickly enough for her to allow them to keep her safe and eliminate the threat? They must, for there is no other way to save her life – and their future.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, steamy shifter romance contains elements of fantasy, danger, mystery, suspense, paranormal elements, adventure and ménage.

Author Interview

  1. Does writing energize or exhaust you? Both, actually. If I stay focused, I write for a long time and can be exhausted at the end but it’s a good exhaustion. One that comes from accomplishment.
  2. What is your writer’s kryptonite? Ironically, it’s people. The interrupting kind. Because I work at home, people often believe I am available whenever they deem it convenient to stop by or knock on my door. I feel obligated to be polite— that social norm is under review— but the stop and go action, if done several times in a writing session sabotages me every time.
  3. Vampires or Shifters?  Shifters.
  4. Do you do much research? On this shifter book series, yes. I looked up everything I could think of and as I was creating my world, I kept looking back on what was done and what could be done and then I created what made sense to me. I don’t follow all the expected norms. I like to be unique.
  5. Do you like writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy? Sometimes. I love what I have done but it is much more work in some ways and in others, it is easier. I can do whatever I want in my world but does it make sense? Do you see my fantasy or Sci-fi world as I create it? Did I paint a good enough picture? I am more unsure in this genre than in my alter-ego persona.
  6. How long were you a part-time writer before you became a full-time one? Part time – since I was six years old. I became a full-time writer only 3.5 years ago but it seems so much longer. It’s the best job I’ve ever had because it rarely feels like work.
  7. Do you like to work under pressure or finish early?  I work under a self- imposed schedule but I try to be true to it and EARLY is best. I stress if I see the deadline approaching and I’m not ready. AHHH!


I was ashamed to say or even acknowledge that I wanted Hunter as much as I still wanted Gage. That made me a slut of the first order. It was obvious these men trusted each other but being attracted to them to the point of sex, even if it was just foreplay was unforgivable. There was no explanation for it, but that I was out of my mind with grief over the loss of Joey and fear that I could be next.

I rubbed my cheek on Hunter’s chest, and the need to feel him inside me was something I had only felt once, with Gage. My lust was devouring me. I kissed his chest and slipped my hand under his T-shirt. While I was horrified at my wantonness, I couldn’t stop. Strong, taut muscles and warm skin along with his muskiness nearly had me ripping his clothes off, but I restrained myself. Want and sexual desire was building causing my insides to practically explode from within. Hunter kissed me. I kissed him back roughly when he was gentle. He answered my demands with his own.

Hunter pulled my nightshirt over my head and ripped my panties off. He was nothing like Gage. There was no teasing, verifying that I needed this, he took what I offered without another question. Gage watched me for my signs, but I understood viscerally that Hunter would give me what I needed without a word. He dropped his pants in seconds and sheathed in a few more.

My furor of need was so overpowering, when he flipped me, forcing me to lean on my forearms and jut out my bottom, I arched my back and hiked my behind in wanton invitation. I wanted him. Once again, my insides raged as I wordlessly begged for him to take me. I could feel my tensions rising as my orgasm inched closer to reality. Then he stopped.

He didn’t take me hard. There was no more teasing, no Hunter pounding me to an orgasm. Instead, he used his fingers to enter me. I cried my anguish. I craved his cock not his hand, but he continued to take me roughly from behind digitally. He had sheathed and I was confused why it wasn’t his cock that I was feeling deep inside, answering my need with his heat. One hand wrapped around my waist and the other playing a tune, bringing me to places I desperately wanted to go. I reached back in my desperation to bring him inside and encountered his cock still in its wrap, hard and pulsing, but not seated inside.

I pulled the condom off roughly and the feel of his satin skin was heaven. I encircled him the best I could. That sent me up and over the top, bringing me to the precipice quickly, I catapulted. I could hear his labored breaths mingle with mine as he pumped in and out of my hand with determination. Suddenly, just as I was falling back to earth, he reached over and pinched my clit. He slapped my bottom and I was flying again. I came so hard I nearly choked with sensation.

Then I heard Hunter as he followed with his own grunts of release, my pussy clenched hard again, empty, but satisfied that I brought him to pleasure. His hand stayed mine and he kept us in place while he released on the floor. It was the hottest assisted masturbation I had ever experienced. He kissed my neck, my back, my hair, whatever he could get to while leaning over my sweaty body enough to swing us on the sofa. He tugged me into his lap, situating me in the V formed by his thighs. He quickly wrapped his slick sweaty legs over mine, pinning me in place and held me open to him while he played hard with my breasts each one in turn and rubbed my clit. I was powerless to move from his hold and I lacked any real motivation because it felt so good. I could feel myself becoming sensitive the moment I came down from this last bit of ecstasy. I had never had so much attention from a lover that I became hyper-sensitive. Though I was touchy, I relished the feeling and what it represented to me.

I was a weak mess, gloriously sated and horrified I had amazing foreplay-sex with two men in one day’s time and never got to the main event. As we lay in each other’s arms, that undeniable feeling of well-being took over and settled into my bones. I knew foreplay took a weak second to the aftercare of snuggling in Hunter’s bulging arms. After another few moments passed while I soaked up the atmosphere buzz, I started to move.