After a tragic childhood incident, Madison Black’s life is finally stable and productive, if predictably boring. All that changes when her sister Gale goes missing. The police are no help. Her one true friend, Cade Montrose, is her rock, but if he ever knew her secret, he, too, would desert her. When Cade leaves for Alaska, men in black trench coats murder a girl across the hall from Madison, just like her nightmares predicted. Could she be next?

Cade loves Madison. When she calls him in fear for her life, Cade demands she come to him. It’s obvious she is exhausted from lack of self-care, frightened, and keeping secrets; three things an Alpha does not tolerate. Luke Alexander can’t believe how his body reacts to the human, Maddie. How could he and Cade be attracted to a human? Madison is in trouble without any hope if they can’t figure out the key to her survival.

Suddenly, things begin to fall into place and unravel at the same time. A prominent shifter female is missing. Secrets are revealed, roles change, lives are at stake, and the elders have only part of the solution. It will be up to Cade, Luke, and Maddie to figure out the key to correct the imbalance in their world before they lose their one chance at happiness.

This is book two in the Alphas in the Wild series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary shifter romance contains elements of danger, mystery, suspense, adventure, fantasy, paranormal elements, and power exchange.


Her arousal honey made a slow, ambling descent down her thigh. She wanted to rub her legs together but knew Cade would not allow that. The sexual tension in the room was explosive. She had to submit to Luke’s chastisement if she were to ever get her other needs addressed. She relaxed and allowed Luke to pull her over his lap and arrange her as he wanted. 

“Place your feet on the ground and turn your toes inward to face the other foot. That’s it. Now you won’t be able to clench.” Cade appeared at her head. 

“Give me your hands, baby.” He reached for them before she offered them, likely not wanting a repeat of refusal. He held them and moved back, so her arms were outstretched, making her much more vulnerable. The reassurance of both men’s touch broke the last barrier between them and her. She loved them, and this was real. 

“You will not put yourself in danger, ever.” Luke’s hard hand came crashing over her ass so violently, she nearly screamed with the ferocity. Damn her body. Liquid desire gushed. She could smell her own arousal. 

Luke took in a sharp breath and said, “You will mind what you are told when we are trying to be the men you deserve; the men you need.”

A round of relentlessly stern slaps landed on her bared bottom, her grunts and outcries of distress were loud. As Luke continued with fast and hard slaps, her nether lips itched with the flow of cream. Finally, the lecture and the spanking ended. She was throbbing in so many places her desperate needs overwhelmed good sense. 

“I need your cock, and I need it now. This is torture. I have to come, Luke, please.”

Cade chuckled. “Oh, no baby, that is my punishment. You will wait.”

Her frustrated scream led to a half dozen of the hardest swats she’d yet endured to her already hot and swollen bottom. She cried out and pleaded for mercy. Luke relented and stood her up. He turned her to kneel on the bed, ass out. 

Luke caressed the swollen tissue. Maddie moaned, rubbing her ass on his hand in a blatant attempt to gain some relief. He lightly slapped her bottom. “Uh, uh. You will service us first, my naughty girl. You are still being punished for your follies of the last few days.” He nodded to Cade to take his position on the bed in front of their girl, penis at the ready. 

“You are going to suck Cade’s cock, baby, and I’m going to take you hard.” He squirted some lubricant on her dark back entrance, and she tensed. 

“Not there, I’ve never… I can’t… please, Luke.”

“I think Gage has this right. I quite like the paternal side of obedience. When we are here, in punishment mode for starters, you will call me Daddy. Sir is nice, but daddy means more. I feel you would be more connected in that mode. More submissive.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“Oh, you can, and you will.” His hand bounced off her presented rear cheeks, another half dozen times, rapidly administered. Her sob told the story. 

“Okay, Daddy, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Already her tone had become more repentant, her muscles more relaxed. Yes, for his girl, daddy-play would work.

“But you call me, Sir. I will leave the daddy bit to Luke.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now to the fun,” said Cade.