His mail-order-bride is not at all what he expected…

The Wyoming Ranch Life series consists of three books. Mail Order Surprise and Ranch Life is Great tell stories of two couples in Wyoming in the 1890s. In the third book these two couples meet and become friends as they work to solve a mystery.

Mail Order Surprise
Austin Barrington is nervous, but hopeful, when his mail order bride, Georgia Langley, steps off the train. It soon becomes clear that what he expected from his new bride and what he has received are two very different things.

Georgia learns that husbands often correct their wives’ dangerous behavior with a trip over their knee.

Ranch Life is Great
Elsie Wintock is engaged to a cowboy, Cade Collins, who is everything she thought she wanted: big, strong, handsome, and unbelievably patient. Unfortunately, he is also over-protective. When her parents are tragically killed, she becomes the sole heir of her family’s mercantile.

Cade needs to protect her, so he suggests they move their wedding date up. Feisty, independent Elsie has never been on a ranch before and doesn’t know how dangerous it can be. Cade is determined to keep her safe, no matter what it takes, while they set about helping Sheriff Daniel Fitch find the person or persons who killed her parents, and why.

Ranch Life Surprise
Cade and Elsie are summoned to Laramie by a lawyer after inheriting horses, which have already been shipped to Laramie. The lawyer finds a local rancher, Austin Barrington, who is willing to keep the horses for them until they can claim them.

When danger and trouble arise, the two men have their hands full with their headstrong ladies.

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