It’s that time of the year, many are heading off to the beach and we don’t blame you. The question is what book will you take to the beach with you? We have many new and amazing authors and we’re sure you have your favorites. However why not try something new? or old? Something different. Branch out and try something you haven’t before.


I have an Xciting Xample for you.

Robin Smith is not a new author, so you might be familiar with her already. If not this is a great book to start with. It stayed at #1 on the Blushing Bestsellers for more than a few weeks following it’s release. 

edca_xonthebeach500X750-72dpiIt’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with all the most perfect ingredients. The fabled lost treasure of notorious pirate Etienne DeGuarre, a broken map with a clearly carved X, a tropical island, and three best friends with a chance to strike it insanely rich. There’s only one problem. Sometime in the last two hundred years, Isla Tesoro had been transformed from a pirate’s haven into a plush resort for a very particular clientele, specifically those who are interested in submission and domination.

In order to find the treasure, Audra Morley and her friends will have to disguise themselves as enthusiasts also. It’s a disguise Audra quickly realizes she’s wearing a little too well. But more than her attraction to this dark world, with its tantalizing and fascinating BDSM culture, Audra is dismayed to realize she is also becoming dangerously fascinated with the reclusive owner of the island. Finding the treasure may mean betraying her heart, but how can Audra learn to trust her heart… when she can’t trust her body?

X on the Beach is a full-length 28 Chapter 130,754 word spanking romance that is just chock-a-block full of mystery, fetish, adventure, fetish, pirate booty, fetish, humor and… did I mention the spanking? So, if the idea of a handsome hero turning his lady-love across his knee brings to mind words like ‘abuse’ or ‘misogynist’, this probably isn’t the book for you.

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