Becky Atlee had many good reasons for moving to New York. Just because she hadn’t felt like sharing them with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Tucker Rhodes, that was no reason for him to act so infuriatingly dominant, was it?

Tucker can’t understand why anyone would want to live in a dirty, dangerous, polluted city. But what he does understand is that Becky is running away from her problems, and she has more of those than she even knows about.

When Becky’s brother dies, however, she has no choice but to return home for the funeral. Can Tucker get her to see what’s really going on in her life? And what will it take for him to get through to her?

Publisher’s Note: You Can Go Home Again contains explicitly described elements of power exchange.



A Note from the Author

This is probably my most personal book. Becky’s mother and brother in the story are based on my own mom and brother. Much of the recounted backstory regarding the brother is taken from real life instances in my childhood. I basically wrote this book as a way of dealing with and processing my own complicated feelings regarding a brother was always wrecked by substance abuse. But, of course, it’s not all gloom and doom; there’s plenty of fun and steamy bits in this story. It’s just the underlining story that had some deeper meaning to me.

5 Fun Facts about the Author


1. I am a Pearl Jam superfan and there is no other voice in the world that I find more soothing than Eddie Vedder’s. Despite that, I know just how indecipherable his voice can sometimes be. That’s why I set out about a year ago to learn the words to 1 PJ song each week until I have learned them all. Still working on that….

2. I love the subtle ways a man can be Dominant — holding doors, ordering for you in a restaurant and insisting on paying even when you try to pay first, walking on the side of the sidewalk that is closest to the street, holding your hand as you cross the street, the way they phrase things (for example, instead as saying, “Will you tell me a secret?” they say “Tell me a secret.”). I wrote about this topic on Fetlife and it was a very popular post, so I guess I’m not alone in loving this.

3. Oh, and as mentioned above, I do some writing on Fetlife. Just journal entries, and a poem here and there. So if you’re on that website you can find me under Cuddlemeafter.

4. I love old things, antiques and vintage things. And I collect things – salt and pepper shakers from every time I take a vacation, old radios, books, signed music memorabilia, ticket stubs from concerts, etc.

5. My dream is to one day write a journal themed novel based on my own first year as a new and learning sub. Just got to find the right Dom first and I’m actively trying to make that happen. 😉