This year Blushing Books has a wonderful surprise for all of our customers and friends this New Year’s.   Not one, not two, not three… but 6 free stories.    That’s right, SIX free stories.  All exclusive to Blushing Books!  And these are not short stories; each is a novella length book, at least 10,000 words each.
What’s the catch? you ask. What do I have to buy? The answer is: nothing.  All six of these new, exclusive stories are absolutely free. There is one catch, though. Each one of these stories is only going to be free for ONE DAY!  Beginning today, right now, each book will be free for 24 hours. Then, tomorrow the free story will change.
And if the free novellas were not enough, how about this? On New Year’s Day each reader will have the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire. Here’s how it works: Each book will be free for approximately 24 hours, and you’ll need to download each book while you have the opportunity. After the final book is posted, we’ll post a questionnaire, featuring a question from each one of the books. It will be an easy question to answer if you’ve downloaded the book. Don’t worry, if you miss a day, you will still have a chance to win the Kindle Fire by getting the boxset at at the end of this promotion. The contest questionnaire will be available for approximately 72 hours, at which point a winner will be randomly selected from all the questionnaires that are 100% correct.
So don’t miss a download and watch the newsletter for information about where and when to log in to fill out your contest entry!
The Spanking Experiment: A Love Multiplied Novella
by Rayanna Jamison

Aurelia Black grew up in a home where her father routinely employed a firm loving hand to keep his many children, and their mothers in line. Her brainiac husband Troy grew up in a home where the same methods were used, in a not so loving way. When he married Aurelia, he vowed to be a different kind of man than his father was. He would never lay a hand on his wife, domestic discipline community or not. Their marriage is a good and equal one, but when Troy finds out that his wife actually wants to be spanked – so much so that she often acts up in front of her father to achieve the same end result, will he be able to set aside his past, and step up to the plate?