A widow emotionally scarred. A warrior’s new wife. Will love conquer all?

Ordered to marry the newly widowed wife of his enemy, Zyon accepts his call of duty. After admiring Irae from afar, it almost seems too good to be true.

His brother King Iver has upheld his vow to make her his, at last. Now Zyon must earn the trust of a people who have been trained to fear him and woo the broken soul of a woman who has only known cruelty from a lover’s touch.

A curse from the past, reminds the people of Insula they are far from alone in the world. A daring winter journey leads the people of the Willow Kye to Bear Claw, to unite against a common enemy; but will bravery lead the Princes of Insula and the women who love them to their deaths?

How can love bloom, under such turbulent occurrences? Especially, when neither Zyon nor Irae, have ever experienced what loving another so completely, means.

Duty, danger and discipline combine to deliver the emotional ride of the King’s Enforcer brother Zyon’s delicate ascent to heroism in the eyes of the Willow Kye and the wife he never believed would become his, Irae.

This is book two of the Princes of Insula series. It can be enjoyed independently but reading book one first may enhance the experience.

Publisher’s Note: This sci-fi romance contains elements of danger, suspense, action, adventure, power exchange, and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Spreading her thighs, to accommodate his descent she watched as her husband went between them and pulled the V to his descending mouth. There was still barely any hair on her mound, so his tongue had instant access. Kavon had never showered her with this type of affection, but she was happy that Zyon was her first.

Arching her back with a grateful mew of praise, she closed her eyes to capture the feeling of his mouth eating her pussy. Zy’s hands held her bottom up, as he lavished her with attention. The flames from the spanking dissipated as he squeezed with every downward swirl of his tongue through her welcoming slit.

Her legs dangled over his shoulders, limply uncertain if she could move. Irae’s mind seemed to paralyze everything but her tingling clit, and she was profoundly grateful for the natural response.

Watching him, Zyon glanced up to see her eyes so full of need he had to look away or he’d come hard again without basking in the wet, wanton warmth of her desperate pussy. She looked mischievous, like she had all the times he caught her glancing out under the tipi when she shouldn’t have been.

Diving his thick fingers inside her again, he began to strum her core back to the brink of pleasure while his thumb continued caressing her clit in earnest interest. Another soft little mew of gratitude escaped her parted lips as her release neared once more. He could feel the tightness of her body, tensing like a bow positioning an arrow and knew she was close to letting it go. Spanking her bud in quick little taps, he dropped his mouth again to the sensitive bud twisting his tongue in pure uninhibited glory. Her scream in ecstasy was one of his rewards, the other was the lingering taste and smell of her pleasure in his facial hair.

“Zy… I…” she began to try and speak, but he shifted on top of her.

“No,” he ordered, gently capturing her hands and lips, “talking.”

She let her legs splay open loosely, allowing his gigantic size to nestle between them. Zyon linked his fingers with hers and held them above her head, Irae could taste herself on his kisses fueling her lust as their tongues danced to a fevering crescendo. Zy allowed his pelvis to rock and coat his cock in the juices near her opening until it smoothly slipped inside without a guide.

Her eyes went wide as his girth and length penetrated her once more, and with the push of his ass plunged upward hitting a spot inside of her that began to make her body tense again. On and on Zy delved further, pushing his long length to the depths capable of his touch. His withdrawal never fully abandoning the new sheath to plunge his sword.

Sweat dripping down his back and forehead uncontrollably, the two soulmates slipped hungerly against each other. Encouragingly, Irae put one leg about his back to hang on, her breasts shaking with the movements of their lovemaking. Zyon put his lips down to suck in each tit, drinking more of the sugar water he had grown an instant fondness for.

Irae purred, hugging him to her to drink his fill. Zy gave them a full moment of attention before looking up at her with a lopsided grin. She smiled back uncertain of what he was thinking. “Get to your knees,” he ordered gruffly, pulling himself away. Her eyes conveyed her confusion as she wordlessly obeyed.

Releasing his member from its hiding place, he sat up and pulled her to him. Grabbing her breasts, he pushed them together and kneeled up. Irae was at eye level with his bucking erection, and she slipped it into the crease of her globes allowing the cave to hide most of the veiny cock throbbing for the hollow of her mouth. Her own lubricant, allowed for the insertion, but quickly disappeared giving Zy a brilliant friction as Irae sucked and licked the velvet head popping out.

Zyon leaned back fully enjoying her sucking his dick and opened his eyes to see Irae bobbing up and down. It was simply the most incredible sight he had ever seen, but he had to relinquish the joy quicker than he wished or risk busting, and he wasn’t ready to do that just yet. With stubborn determination, he wanted their first night of loving to end with her pussy milking his cock. That way he was certain he’d scratched away the remembrance of Kavon from her wounded womb and etch his own name on its walls.

Sitting on the furs, he signalled with a finger for her to join him. Irae crawled on her hands and knees until his big hands wrapped around her thighs and he lifted her to straddling him. Zyon held his cock as inch by glorious inch, she impaled herself. Zyon spread her inflamed cheeks, to open the hole his dick was disappearing in. Irae circled her hips rubbing her pussy and clit on his wiry body hair. Gliding with her knees firmly in place, Zyon reached to fondle a breast keeping one firm hand to her bottom. Her legs were parted so wide to allow for his muscular form, she felt almost suspended in air on the tip of his rock-solid shaft.

“That’s sweet, ride it hard,” he encouraged, holding her in a firm embrace against his chest for kisses. Irae didn’t pause, the grinding on his pelvic area was creating a new blissful sensation and beads of sweat littered her body as well.

Irae leaned back on one arm, dropping her cunt down again and again until Zyon knew he was going to explode if she kept riding his dick like that. With a sexy little glare, coupled with a smirk, she kept pace and he couldn’t deny himself any longer. With a deep groan of rapture, he marvelled at how with just a look she had taken away his control. Squeezing her tits together as he tugged her in for a kiss, he flipped her under him and used the last of his hard on to pound her to the same delightful conclusion. Lowering his hand to ensure her clit received the attention needed, he drummed her clit until she cried out his name and naughtily bit his shoulder as she came.